Friday, November 16, 2012

Tent City needs your help

Photos by Sherry Rubel

While the residents of Tent City survived Hurricane Sandy with minimal damage, they were not so lucky when an early November snow storm blanketed the region in white.Tents collapsed and residents have been forced to scramble for new shelter. The folks down there need help.

If you can, please reach out to the residents down there through the Tent City Project -- send us an email -- and we will put you in touch with the Rev. Steve Brigham. The folks there will appreciate it.

The Tent City Project is an artistic look at human rights issues facing residents of a homeless camp in Lakewood, NJ and its connection to the growing number of tent cities across the country. See our Facebook page for more information -- and don't forget to "Like" us.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Report: Tent City survives the storm

A report in The Asbury Park Press offers good news for Tent City in Lakewood:

Approximately 40 residents of the community in the woods off Cedar Bridge Avenue stayed at the camp during the storm, the remaining members went to shelters or moved in with family members, said Steve Brigham, founder of the camp.

“The most important thing is that no one got hurt,’’ he said. “We did have one tree fall on a tent, but that couple had decided to leave.’’

Several structures where damaged during the storm, Brigham said. The camp has approximately 80 residents in total.

“There were a bunch of tents that were destroyed but we have ones to replace them,’’ Brigham said. “Overall, we are not doing that bad.’’
More to come when I talk with Brigham and can make my way to Lakewood.